Surf’s Up!

Yes, it is true.  You CAN SURF in Tennessee, and we’ve got what it takes to make surfable wakes!

Wakesurfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world.  You’ll need a wakesurfing rope, wakesurfing board, a wakesurfing boat that makes the perfect wave and of course a great lake, river or creek.  Wondering where the sweet spots are to surf in the area, check out our blog Where to Surf in Tennessee.   We’ve got everything else that you need at Cleveland Boat Center.

Cobalt Boats


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TruWave Technology delivers safe, crisp, clean waves for all skill levels with the push of a button. We’ve got what it takes to create your own wave, on demand, right here in Tennessee. The technology is here and we have the best boats available.

Let’s get you on the TN Surf!

Build Your Own Cobalt Dream Boat

R3 SurfR5 SurfR7 SurfCS23 Surf

Bryant Boats

Yes, you can SURF with a Sterndrive.

Bryant Boats offers surfing and wakeboarding at the same level as competitive inboards. Quick plane design, built to last, by hand, with zero wood, by the best builders in the business.

Build Your Own Bryant Dream Boat

233X, the First Surfable Sterndrive

Surf packages available on these Bryant Boats:
Speranza | Sportabout | 198 | 198W | 210210W | 233W

I Want to Surf All Summer

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