It’s That Time of Year

It’s That Time of Year

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Boating seasons isn’t over yet, there’s still time to get out and enjoy the water this year. As the leaves change and we prepare for that first freeze warning, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the list to have your boat winterized.

Winterization Services Available

Winterization Package

Winterize Engine, Change Oil & Filter, Boat Wash, Summerization and Storage thru April 15, 2018


Prepayment Required

Add Ballast to Winterization Package$79.99
Add Heater to Winterization Package$49.99
Add Sink/Wash Down$54.99
Oil and Filter Change$129.99 – $149.99
depending on engine
Lower Unit Lube$134.99 plus parts
Winterization Only (Outboard)$149.99 plus parts
Winterization Only (Inboard/Sterndrive)$179.99 plus parts
Storage Only thru April 15, 2018$800.00
Prepayment Required
Full Detail$529.99

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